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Klubb Maritim, founded in 1963, is a Swedish Association for Ship Historical Research concentrated on Nordic ships built after 1850. The foundation is open for everybody, both private persons and legal entities. It publishes the journal Båtologen [ISSN 0346 9387] six times per year.

Klubb Maritim (henceforward the Club) was founded in August 1963 in Helsingborg by a few enthusiastic amateur ship historians. Soon new departments started in Göteborg and Stockholm which resulted in an 80 new members by the end of the year. As the activities developed a continuously growing network has been established, not only in the whole country but also in the neighbouring Scandinavian countries. The number of members increased slowly during the first decades but in the beginning of the eighties a new, expansive period began in the history of the Club.

The purpose of the Club was, and always has been, to conduct research in maritime history and follow the development and trends in trade and shipping, primarily in the Nordic countries. Since the beginning of its activities the Club has been publishing a journal for its members, called Båtologen.

Klubb Maritim today has about 4500 members, 300 of these living abroad. The activities of the organization are divided into twelve branches: Stockholm, Göteborg, Helsingborg, Uddevalla, Lidköping, Kalmar, Halmstad, Karlshamn, Gefle, Oxelösund, Malmö and Västervik. Meetings are arranged systematically and details can be found in Båtologen and at this site.

Since its establishment the Club has two own premises, Kajutan in Göteborg and Ankaret in Helsingborg. In Stockholm meetings have been held for decades at Sjömansinstitutet. Locally the meeting places vary widely from seamens churches to restaurants and harbour offices. Every year an annual meeting of the Club is arranged which is rotating among the twelve branches

The Club has developed a very substantial library where the members may chose from and borrow a very wide range of maritime literature. From the beginning of the nineties we started to build an archive for drawings from which model builders can buy or borrow drawings of ships. In the Gothenburg branch a journal called Länspumpen is published with emphasis on the smaller tonnage.

How to become a member of Klubb Maritim
Klubb Maritim is an association open for everybody, both for private persons and legal entities. In order to obtain membership the annual fee, set by the annual meeting, must be paid. The membership is valid for the actual calendar year and can begin at any time during the year. The subscription fee for the member journal Båtologen published during the year is included.

Membership fees payable for the calendar year 2008:
Ordinary: 40 euro
Family: 60 euro

Only cash payment is accepted and the payment must be sent to the editor of Båtologen!

Remember! The membership includes all the six numbers of the membership journal Båtologen issued during the year.

The library
The library consists of more than 125 metres of bookshelves filled with nautical literature, divided into the following subjects:

The First and Second World War
Naval history in war and peace
Near-shore and lake shipping
The history of channels
Boat registry
Passenger ships
History of special ships
Editions from Lloyd’s Registry of Shipping
The history of shipyards

There is literature available not only from Sweden, but more or less from the whole world with emphasis on Europe. You can even find shipyard history from USA, information about ferries in the port of Sydney, etc. As far as Europe is concerned, the library has a lot of literature from England and Germany, where you can even find the personal biography of the commander of the German submarine 137 and the journeys of the ship.

Items not available for loan are Svensk Sjöfarts Tidning and publications from Lloyd’s.

Borrowers pay the shipping/postage to and from the library. The borrowing time is four weeks, which may be extended after contacting the librarian.
The list of the library can be found here! Please click!
If you are coming to Malmö, come and visit the library, but call first! The library is open when the librarian is at home regardless if it is a weekday or holiday. Link to the library page with contakt information.
Research is carried out in suitable format as well as photocopying of books (not whole books) for a fee of 2 SEK per page.

Welcome to borrow books!

The drawings archive
At present, the drawings archive of Klubb Maritim consists of more than 1300 drawings, mainly GA-drawings from 1925 -1985 predominantly of Swedish and Norwegian merchant ships, but even some model drawings and drawings of other foreign ships. The members may buy copies at a cost, one A0-ritning costs at present between 50 and 75 SEK depending on the size. Re-scaling may also be carried out at an additional cost of 100 SEK. Send no money in advance, an invoice will follow the drawings ordered.

The Transarchive (Rederi Ab Transatlantic), which has been deposited in our care, is available in a separate list. The archive contains, apart from drawings also specification sheets of Transships and other interesting documents.
List of drawings – please click here!
The Transatlantic list – please click here!

The board of Klubb Maritim!

Chairman: Fredrik Johannesson

Secretary: Jan Larsson

Economy Director and editor of Båtologen: Tomas Johannesson

Vice Director: Anders Nilsson

Vice Secretary: Lennart Bornmalm

Deputy Member of the Committee: Dan Agardh

Contact information, please go to this page.